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CERBER Attack and Recovery

Hey all , The title itself is scary isn’t it ? well , that is what exactly happen our production server got under DDoS attack and the ultimate outcome was all the files were converted to .CERBER . this heart breaking event happen on same day we have our company ( Aavitech Solutions Pvt Ltd […]

Restrict access to visualsvn server

Day before ,  we decided to migrate to new server and wanted to make sure our repos are accessible by specific ip Only as per standard apache we tried Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow from IP.OF.ALLOWED.HOST But this one ends up with Invalid command ‘Order’, perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included […]

Font Awesome Doesn’t Work In Firefox

Recent development of magento eCommerce Store having wired issue of fontawesome not working on firefox browser when its routed through CDN The reason is, when we use any content delivery network then the contents are not served directly from origin server but are served from CDN Adding following lines to your htaccess will work out! […]

.woff not found (404) mvc4

last day it was hard enough to figure out how can enable .woff fonts to be loaded for MVC4 website even though the file definitely exists and the URL is correct , every single effort was turns out non working , it was lighting click to use staticContent tag in web.config and there you go […]

Same architecture installation Error On SQL Server Data Tools

While installing latest SQL Server Data tool , Installation ends up with throwing “Same Architecture Installation” Error as shown below To avoid Installation Error , Re Initiate Installation and On selection of instance select New Instance. It works for me. Let me know if not work for you in comment Happy Troubleshooting !!