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Monthly Archives: July 2012


Last week was quite simple and went without trouble  , and just before I start enjoying my weekends – stuck in to in issue of getting ROW_NUMBER() (as we are doing in sandard SQL Query ! Finally come-up with sort and sweet code! var items = context.ItemMasters.AsEnumerable() .Select((u, index) =>  new ItemDetail {    ItemId = […]

Convert List to ObservableCollection Extension Method

Today we found one more interesting thing of converting List to ObservableCollection , Its something you will need regularly when you are working with WPF / Silverlight application – because ObservableCollection typically automatically synchronized when its get updated ! Here is the code may helpful to  you ! , Its extension method to convert into […]

Add www prefix for windows hosting

Ok ! Here you go – something interesting related to URL rewriting for Windows hosting to add WWW prefix .  Recent conversation with SEO Expert leads me to understand that vnypatel.com and www.vnypatel.com are different for SEO and Page Ranking ! So , I did tried to achieve www prefix for my website finally that […]