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.woff not found (404) mvc4

last day it was hard enough to figure out how can enable .woff fonts to be loaded for MVC4 website even though the file definitely exists and the URL is correct , every single effort was turns out non working , it was lighting click to use staticContent tag in web.config and there you go […]

NetCFSvcUtil “Error: An error occurred in the tool.”

Here is one more issue I come up with while compiling PDA tools using compact framework csvutil It was throwing Error : Error: An error occurred in the tool. Error: Error in the application Everything was right still have issue , after some checks it was found that Microsoft has separately released update for NetcfsvcUtils.exe […]

Troubleshooting EWS Error : The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel

Recently , I have question from my client to read Exchange Server Emails , During that process it was throwing me exception of The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel Everything was as perfect as before : Things are all good , all credentials are working OK […]

Blow up your asp.net/mvc site performence !

Recent technical conversation with few of my  friends ends up with Issue of site speed , no matter what we do the site loads too slow  – and seriously speaking this is something came across me too.  I spent around 2 weeks to find out the better solution to optimize speed of the asp.net / […]


Last week was quite simple and went without trouble  , and just before I start enjoying my weekends – stuck in to in issue of getting ROW_NUMBER() (as we are doing in sandard SQL Query ! Finally come-up with sort and sweet code! var items = context.ItemMasters.AsEnumerable() .Select((u, index) =>  new ItemDetail {    ItemId = […]

Convert List to ObservableCollection Extension Method

Today we found one more interesting thing of converting List to ObservableCollection , Its something you will need regularly when you are working with WPF / Silverlight application – because ObservableCollection typically automatically synchronized when its get updated ! Here is the code may helpful to  you ! , Its extension method to convert into […]

301 Redirect – Using Global.asax

Recently came across new query of redirecting website to new domain , and the trouble was we don’t have control over domain management. Real problem was the hosting doesn’t allow web.config based changes or .htaccess , Finally come across global.asax and piece of code that worked out for me. private void Application_BeginRequest(Object source, EventArgs e) […]

Check Model State Errors

Recently faced new error in MVC3 Project related to Model State , While checking “ModelState.IsValid”  it was always return false , I wasn’t sure whats going wrong with my ModelState Finally got small piece of code that worked out fine for me ! Here it is ,  var errors = ModelState .Where(x => x.Value.Errors.Count > […]