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Same architecture installation Error On SQL Server Data Tools

While installing latest SQL Server Data tool , Installation ends up with throwing “Same Architecture Installation” Error as shown below To avoid Installation Error , Re Initiate Installation and On selection of instance select New Instance. It works for me. Let me know if not work for you in comment Happy Troubleshooting !!

Decrypt an Encrypted Object in SQL Server

After long enough , I found something interesting .. Decrypting existing encrypted objects of SQL Server !! (Ref : Source ) Step 1: Make sure remote admin connections is enable on server if not enable using following EXEC sp_configure ‘remote admin connections’, 1 GO RECONFIGURE GO Step 2 : Connect to  SQL Server using DAC […]

Truncate the Log File In Sql Server

This is well known issue for everyone around ! – there are lots of article out there describe it , but its something “ODD MAN OUT” situation. even my own article which helped me last time didn’t help me in this case. When I tried the way I had in my article – I wasn’t […]


Last week was quite simple and went without trouble  , and just before I start enjoying my weekends – stuck in to in issue of getting ROW_NUMBER() (as we are doing in sandard SQL Query ! Finally come-up with sort and sweet code! var items = context.ItemMasters.AsEnumerable() .Select((u, index) =>  new ItemDetail {    ItemId = […]

Repair SQL Server 2008 R2 Suspected Database

Just a day before , come across new issue of database . for some reason database found in suspect mode ! and that was horrible moment. After some search , we got brief idea that , database can go in suspect mode for many reasons like improper shutdown of the database server, corruption of the […]

Search within Store Procedure Text !

Recently Needs to find  ‘/’ character in Sql store procedure body and replace with ‘\’ Now Having about 100 Procs and its really boring job to open each proc and have check for it ! .. so find out small handy sql query so that it will give me list of procs contains specific string […]