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Distinct with LINQ

Here is one more LINQ Problem.

Let’s think of scenario having record as below

ProductId:1 , ProductName=”Product 1″ , CategoryId=2;
ProductId:2 , ProductName=”Product 2″ , CategoryId=3;
ProductId:3 , ProductName=”Product 3″ , CategoryId=1;
ProductId:4 , ProductName=”Product 4″ , CategoryId=1;
ProductId:4 , ProductName=”Product 5″ , CategoryId=2;`

And we want the records of Product 1,Product 2, Product 3 (which are actually distinct according to our requirement for CategoryId).
Here if we use distinct in our select query then it will return all(above 5 records) the Product records.

So, to achieve our requirement we need to use GroupBy like below:

List<Product> DistinctProduct = AllProduct.GroupBy(product => product.CategoryId).Select(products => products.First()).ToList();

We can also define groups on multiple properties, like below:

List<Product> DistinctProduct = AllProduct.GroupBy(product => product.CategoryId, product.Name).Select(products => products.First()).ToList();

There must be other simpler ways to achieve above.

If you have any suggestions for improvement let me know in comments.

Happy Coding !!

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