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Export File Name in SSRS Report Viewer

In Sql Server Reporting Services ReportViewer control, if one needs to setup default file name for Export then in page_load or other appropriate event following line of code will workout setting up the file name !

ReportViewerControl.ServerReport.DisplayName = “YOUR DESIRED NAME”


  • Reply Raji Reddy G |

    Hi Vinay,
    If I want to name the report according to the parameters passed
    i.e Am passing Parameter1 and Parameter2 then I need the report name as

    Any Suggestions…

    Thanks in advance

    • Reply Vinay Patel |

      You need to do merge both parameter in page load and than apply it , you can do that by creating third parameter to apply this transition or by variable ( if you use new parameter than make sure its transitive ( i.e generated from parameter 1 and 2 and no user input required )

      Hope this help!


  • Reply Jeff Brown |

    I believe this is the solution to my problem but I don’t know how to apply it. Could you provide more guidance or an illustration? To be sure: I want to run an SSRS 2014 report against an Oracle 10 database by invoking this report by URL from another report. I want the 2nd report results to output to a CSV file with a particular name and for the user to be aware this has occurred. So far I have the 1st report invoking the 2nd and when the repot is ready it prompts the user to open or save the CSV file.

    • Reply Vinay Patel |

      Jeff , Do you render report using Report Viewer or you specify export as parameter to directly export the report ?


  • Reply ranganatha |

    Dear Vinay,

    I have created rdlc file with name of xyz and while downloading as a Excel file i need name some thing like ABCD , i have used your suggestion code ( ReportViewerControl.ServerReport.DisplayName = “ABCD” ) , but still i am getting XYZ name on downloaded file , could you please help on this , do i need to do some setting on rdlc file .

So, what do you think ?