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Removing Back Button on jQuery Mobile

While creating web using JQuery Mobile I recently faced issue header comes with back button which is not needed. There is a quick and easy way to disable it by adding data-backbtn=”false” to your header

<div data-role=”header” data-backbtn=”false”>
<h1>Sample Text </h1>

Happy coding !


  • Reply Max |

    This really doesn’t work. I’m on jQuery Mobile v1.0a3 and each page needs to be refreshed for the button to disappear. When going back to the previous page the back button appears there as well. (refresh will get rid of it.)

    Buggy. Very buggy.

  • Reply Vinay Patel |

    Can you post part of header of your code ? It will be really easy to understand the scenario.


  • Reply Dr. Natvar Pansuria....... |

    Dear Vinaybahi its really out of my RANGE…..sorry….but u r applying your knowledge …and ” APPLIED KNOWLEDGE IS POWER “….

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