Month: May 2010

String Contains Method with StringComparison

if a string contains another string ignoring the case, there is no method available for string with ignore case we can create extension to string using following ! public static bool Contains(this string original, string value, StringComparison comparisionType) { return original.IndexOf(value, comparisionType) >= 0; } Happy coding...

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Export File Name in SSRS Report Viewer

In Sql Server Reporting Services ReportViewer control, if one needs to setup default file name for Export then in page_load or other appropriate event following line of code will workout setting up the file name ! ReportViewerControl.ServerReport.DisplayName = “YOUR DESIRED...

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Report Viewer Page Height and Browser

When Reportviewer page viewed in Firefox or Google Chrome ( Non IE Browsers) sometime it doesn’t load properly , that is just because of DOCTYPE Tag of aspx Page <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”> Remove DOCTYPE Tag and add following property to Reportviewer will solve the issue of page height For some case it works by adding AsyncRendering=”False” In certain situation it works  using SizeToReportContent =...

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