Month: February 2013

Can’t find PInvoke DLL sqlceme35.dll

Here it comes – the most comon error occors when you are having 64bit machine and trying to develop windows mobile phone application – it drives me crazy for about 4 hrs. Finally found solution that worked for me. Follow the steps and may be it helps you out too. ( For me its VS2008) 1. Open Visual Studio 2008 -> Tools -> Device Emulator Manager 2.Select the device using which you are planning to test your application 3.Right Click And Select Connect. 4. Start up windows mobile device center – Under Settings 5. Check “Allow connection to one of the following – Select DMA from dropdown – Keep WMDC running. 6.Once device runs successfully from step 3 – Right Click Device in Device Emulator Manager and select Craddle 7. Device will start showing connected in WMDC -Copy “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition\v3.5\Devices\wce500\armv4i\sqlce.wce5.armv4i.CAB” to your emulator device 8. Open file explorer in your device and execute sqlce.wce5.armv4i.CAB That’s all – you are out of the trouble ! Let me know if this didn’t work with you , also comment if any other way around is possible to resolve same. Happy Coding...

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Truncate the Log File In Sql Server

This is well known issue for everyone around ! – there are lots of article out there describe it , but its something “ODD MAN OUT” situation. even my own article which helped me last time didn’t help me in this case. When I tried the way I had in my article – I wasn’t able to restore my database with Error “Database Size is larger than permitted in express edition” I tried to shrink my log file but it ends up with – “Cannot shrink log file … because all logical log files are in use” After checking...

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