Hey all, have you heard of CERBER Attack. The title itself is scary, isn’t it ? Well, that is what exactly happen to our production server got under DDoS attack and the ultimate outcome was all the files were converted to CERBER. This heartbreaking event happen on same day we have our company (Aavitech Solutions Pvt Ltd) celebrating 5th year anniversary as Pvt Ltd Company.

For about 10 minutes I wasn’t able to think of even keywords to search on Google. Then tried helping hand of google and tries a couple of solution which are failed.

Finally, found Tool Xorist Decrypter Here.


This was a life-saving tool. It needs 2 files one is infected file and the original file, as it was a production server we had a lot of sites published original files with us to compare with infected on the server. It will then perform a brute force of the decryption key that can be used to decrypt the files.

Just dragged 2 files together to tool and Bingo ! … about 40 minutes of wait and the results bring tears to my eyes, my files started decrying back to its original

Guys, let me know your experience with CERBER Attack 🙂

FYI : tool is still decrypting files, will post results on comment.

Thank you.

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